Someone said to me once:

"Is always better to start at the beginning".
Truth is that after many beginnings & after many times not knowing where my foot was going to be next landing, I found myself for the first time.
I can remember this one time me and my mom went to buy some fresh catch for her small restaurant. This woman who happens to be not only my mother but also my best friend, said to me: 
"Son..." while she was lifting the gills of a yellow snapper.
"...smell this"

I can swear I almost had a heart attack but I certainly knew I was going to have to do it, so i thought it would be better to get this task done as quickly as possible.

When I asked her "Why she was asking me do that?" she said to me:

"That's the way you know if a fish is fresh, by smelling right under it's gills.
One day you are going to want to start your business and this is what you are going to always remember;
If the head smells bad, the rest of the fish will also be rotten.
You are the head and the guide of your life, the same way you will be the head and the guide to your business"
I like to think of myself a different way, I'm not as knowledgeable as I would like to, but I like to share my experience with others. I believe that what you give, you will receive. The same way my mother learned at some point how to pick the freshest fish for her business, I've tried to learn as much as I can about the beauty industry, products, & education. For example: 

Who hasn't felt overwhelmed standing in front of dozens of different hair products or by simply looking at a hair dye box & not knowing what those numbers mean?

As a Licensed Cosmetologist, my goal when I decided to start this company was to share with you my knowledge, those tricks that I've learned after many years working in TV, Education, Salons settings, & many other Beauty Industries. It's always a priority for me to bring you not only the right products, but also to help you achieve your goals, I believe that Beauty is Therapeutic, if you look better you feel better. My plan is to bring you Best Quality Products, Advice You on how to use them, always considering Each One of Your Needs. You are always the number one priority for us, what you want is the main ingredient, starting from there we would love to be the ones advising you and helping you Enhance The Beauty In You.